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  • Oct 26, 2010

    The Black Keys are performing on the Jools Holland show. Also on the episode are Sir Paul McCartney, US singer-songwriter Neil Diamond, LA-based rapper/singer Aloe Blacc, and Elvis Costello. The Keys performed 3 songs that will air on BBC2 or UK fans can listen in the player HERE. One song airs tonight (Tues) after 10pm, and then two songs on Friday after 11:50pm.

  • Oct 18, 2010

    The Black Keys iTunes Sessions is now available.

    Recorded in August in Toronto while the band was on tour this past summer... the 10-song album includes songs from the duo’s acclaimed 2010 release, Brothers, as well as “Your Touch” from 2006’s Magic Potion and “Chop and Change,” which was featured on the soundtrack of this year’s blockbuster film Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

    iTunes Session Full Track List

    1. “Chop and Change”
    2. “Everlasting Light”
    3. “Howlin’ For You”
    4. “I’ll Be Your Man”
    5. “Next Girl”
    6. “She’s Long Gone”
    7. “Sinister Kid”
    8. “Tighten Up”
    9. “Too Afraid To Love You”
    10. “Your Touch”

    You can purchase the iTunes Session HERE.

  • Oct 18, 2010

    You've been grooming your beard to look like Dan's for months now. You only bought those black rimmed glasses because they look just like Pats. You often find yourself wondering where Dan got those sunglasses he's wearing in that new interview and if it's possible to stretch yourself to 6 feet tall like Pat. Well, now all your hard work can finally pay off.

    We’re looking for Dan and Pat look-a-likes everywhere to submit their best look alike photos to

    If you're just not able to grow the beard of your dreams or can't find the perfect Pat glasses, never fear, we're here to help! Head on over to the store to check out the official Black Keys Dress Up Kit!

  • Oct 15, 2010

    The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack has been nominated for an American Music Award. The soundtrack includes The Black Keys song "Chop and Change", as well as songs from The Dead Weather, Beck and Bat For Lashes, Vampire Weekend, Band of Horses, and more. You can vote for the soundtrack up until November 12th. The winner will be announced during the AMAs on Sunday Nov. 21st at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.